• Fed Up With Mortal Men, Women Are Having Sex with Ghosts https://t.co/k4g4GzMBxU via @broadly
  • RT @dril: this codger is an absolute mate... the lad is a flintstone
  • celebrating @timespanner tonight https://t.co/7WAgNKOrTE
  • @timespanner YEP
  • RT @timespanner: It's like God has bunched up Her bananas, with attendant drama
  • @timespanner lol
  • @timespanner lol
  • @timespanner you
  • @timespanner me
  • @timespanner actually its mine
  • RT @willystaley: “Some day a real rain will come and wash the scum off these streets” https://t.co/H6UHBp9hTD
  • RT @miscforever331: This tweet has the sole purpose of being retweeted by the Deleuze bot. I might add something about fluxes and impulses.…
  • RT @hottestsingles: Me: Listen we had an agreement and you have not delivered on the service agreed upon. As you can see in article A subcl…
  • RT @SicilianInHeels: Selective memory & selective hearing = Men.
  • RT @WarrenIsDead: "Barbie is vlogging about depression" is an extremely 2018 sentence
  • RT @avishaiw: https://t.co/HrILVdCGOf
  • @timespanner it's never not happening !!!!!!!!!
  • @timespanner i want to die
  • @timespanner i'm having some feedback issues
  • @timespanner thank you