• RT @Lacan_nocontext: "If you've read all that, I pity you." In fact, I had read it all.
  • RT @goat_wang: a lacanian slip is when you strive to be understood, but only prove your relationship to language separates you from the act…
  • RT @urbanfriendden: in lacanian psychoanalysis, there are three key terms to remember: The Real, The Self, and the Sounds Fake Actually
  • RT @meta_nomad: *sniff* You see, the cleaning of one's room Peterson talks about is actually - *sniff* *shirt caked in sweat* *pinches…
  • RT @nberlat: this is why Lacan has been useful for feminist thinkers. He gets at the way that the self is a construct and/or an illusion. Y…
  • RT @nberlat: it is pretty funny to see Zizek straightforwardly declaring that all facebook and twitter Zizek accounts are false. A Lacanian…
  • RT @nberlat: Or, if you want to get Lacanian about it, the twitter bot led both Zizek and Peterson into the error of believing there is a r…
  • RT @nberlat: So Peterson mistook the account for a real Zizek and Zizek mistook it for a fake Zizek.
  • RT @BenAndrewHenry: Jordan thinks the lacanian mirror stage is a feminist conspiracy, also he wants to know why that man who's dressed like…
  • RT @reallydadjokes: @walterowensgrpa @dril You're really going out on a limb if you think that'll happen
  • RT @eToPiTimesi: @dril It's actually all part of a car insurance commercial.
  • RT @chadwl_: @dril they just want your money wint dont pick up the phone
  • RT @Abszorbed: @dril nature strikes back
  • RT @SociopathVEVO: @dril Me when I reply to a cop’s tweet
  • RT @LondonFields654: @dril Log off
  • RT @4pugs1moodle: @dril We've been through this already
  • RT @fakegirl1998: @dril @marxistheninist this sounds like a vine
  • RT @reallydadjokes: @dril Did you do it in self treefense
  • RT @clefabledude: @dril i can't wait to see what nonsense this post predicts
  • RT @dril: Time to show these douscebags my real power (throws a big tree branch at a guys car)