• RT @JayOhAye: White folks call 911 like it's customer service
  • RT @desusnice: sarah sanders hating from outside the club?
  • RT @godtributes: @briolson AVOCADOS FOR THE AVOCADO GOD
  • RT @naxuu_ebooks: @briolson someone bragged that they can get you used to the idea of having like 1/8 of an avocado and thinking it's enough
  • https://t.co/ypXvTfZlAX
  • RT @bIoach: @heyjdey @briolson u think she saw this and subconsciously got a hankering for deen and some rocky road?
  • RT @jonnysun: this year has been the longest year of the year
  • RT @etyman: estoppel: A legal rule that prevents someone from saying that something they said earlier in court is untrue. Old French "estou…
  • RT @jitka: Found out today that there's a basketball coach named God Shammgod
  • RT @jitka: was just thinking about how weird it is that people yell Geronimo when they jump out of airplanes
  • RT @etyman: holocaust: Total destruction involving extensive loss of life especially through fire. French "holocauste"=a sacrifice by fire…
  • RT @melissabroder: i like long walks in my head and the illusion that i can purchase okayness
  • RT @desusnice: j prince: drake has a song that will end pusha's career pusha: release it drake: YALL REMEMBER DEGRASSI?
  • RT @jitka: Who is this for
  • RT @jitka: Love the edgy curse word lady. She just doesn't care folks
  • RT @jitka: international house of bjitka
  • RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Thread 1 on why you can see through glass https://t.co/R9dwYzXGRn
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